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What Surrounds do you sell?2020-02-18T20:46:08+00:00

We sell Traditional and Contemporary surrounds in Wood, Limestone, Granite, Marble & Stone

How hot are electric fires?2020-02-18T20:43:11+00:00

Electric Fires are 2kW max and 100% heat efficient. You can run the heat independently of the flame effects.

What areas do you service?2020-02-16T03:18:17+00:00

We have customers all over the North-East! Please view our website footer for all areas.

Do I need a chimney liner?2020-02-16T03:15:14+00:00

There is a regulation that says your installer must satisfy themselves that the chimney is free from defects and suitable for its intended use. You will only need a liner if there is a risk that your chimney could leak fumes into your house. We’ll carry out that test for you before you make your purchase.

Do you sell stove fuel?2020-02-16T03:08:12+00:00

We don’t keep much in stock, but give us a call and we’ll recommend a supplier!

What is HETAS?2020-02-16T03:07:25+00:00

HETAS is the national organisation working for consumer safety and the wider public interest in safe, efficient and environmentally responsible use of biomass and other solid fuels. Our registered installers are trained and approved to UKAS standards and can self certify that their work complies with the relevant building regulations.

Do I need my chimney swept?2020-02-16T03:05:05+00:00

HETAS encourage having your chimney swept at least twice a year when burning wood or bituminous housed coal and at least once a year when burning smokeless fuels. The best times to have your chimney swept are just before the start of the heating season and after your stove has not been used over a prolonged period.

Do you price match?2020-02-16T02:41:47+00:00

We offer competitive pricing against local retailers! Give us a call any time.

How long does fitting take?2020-02-16T02:08:13+00:00

99% of our fits (including stoves) are completed within 1 day! Our expert fitters have all the specialised tools needed to provide quick and quality work.

How much does fitting cost?2020-02-16T02:39:15+00:00

Fitting prices can differ from each project and are usually quoted in the price for your fire or stove. Typically the costs are:

Electric fire: £60

Gas Fire: £100

Multi-fuel stove: £795 (including inglenook knockout)


Multi-Fuel Stoves

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