Newcastle-upon-Tyne is a place full of sights and activities that will appeal to the whole family. There are many museums that you can visit as well as tours that you can take in the city. Newcastle has something to offer everyone whether you want to be out in the city or indoors looking at something of historical value.

The Great North Museum
One of the best museums in the city is the Great North Museum. This museum brings together the collection of the University of Newcastle’s museum and natural history exhibits from Hancock Museum. The museum is located in the Hancock Museums neoclassical building which adds to the overall ambience of the museum.

The Life Science Centre
Another fantastic museum in Newcastle is the Life Science Centre. This is actually a science village and is considered one of the most interesting attractions in the city. The centre is located in a complex of institutes that look at the study of genetics. The Life Science Centre has a number of hands-on exhibits which allows you and your children to discover the wonders of life science.

BALTIC – The Centre for Contemporary Art
If you are looking for something artistic to do during the day then a visit to BALTIC is a must. The building that BALTIC is located in does not make it as appealing as art museums like the Tate Gallery, but the museum does rival these large galleries. However, unlike the other galleries in the country BALTIC does not have a set exhibition. The museum has a constantly rotating exhibition and features images and installations from contemporary art’s biggest names. This is located just across the water from Newcastle in Gateshead.

Castle Garth Keep
If you want to get out of the museums, but still want to see some of the area’s history you should visit Castle Garth Keep. This castle was the basis of the name Newcastle, but has since been swallowed by the urban spread of the city. All that remains of the original castle is the keep which houses a chapel and exhibits the architectural models of Hadrian’s Wall and many other buildings.

The Ghost Tours
If you want to see more of the city then you need to look at the many walking and bus tours available. One of the most popular tours in Newcastle is the Ghost Tours. This group walk starts that the Castle Garth Keep and walks around some of the most haunted sites in the city.

The River Escapes
If you want to get onto the water then the River Escapes are the best choice. These are hour long river cruises that take you along the river from the Quayside pier to opposite BALTIC. This is a lovely and very scenic way to see the city and find out more about the history of Newcastle.

Newcastle-upon-Tyne is a city that is rich in sites, attractions and tours that will appeal to everyone in your family. There are a lot of museums that you can visit to learn more about the history of the city and the art that people have to offer. There are also a number of tours that you can take that either has you walking through the city of seeing it on a boat.