Be careful buying fires and stoves off the internet. Everybody likes a bargain and the internet is definitely the place to find one. You can almost guarantee that you’ll find something cheaper online than in-store, but when it comes to fires and stoves think twice before you order online. What you think may be a bargain at first will probably cost you more in the long-run!

When you buy a fire online if something goes wrong with the fire you’ll have to send the fire back to get repaired, the weight of fires and stoves can mean large courier costs if you have to send it back and long wait times between getting your fire replaced, only then to have it fitted again. If you buy a fire or stove in store from a retailer, if something goes wrong with the fire then the store you purchased the fire from will deal with the repair for you and whatever the problem is, it will get resolved quicker and more efficiently than with online retailers.

Gas and HETAS engineers will likely not fit something that you have bought off the internet, especially cheap unbranded fires or stoves. The reason for this is because for them to certify whatever they have installed, they like to know that the brand of fire that you have is a reputable and will not break down or even worse, burn your house down. When an engineer fits your fire or stove into your home, they are saying that the item they have installed is safe for use, and this is a lot harder to determine when you buy a product online. As well as this, Gas and HETAS engineers will often work for a fire and stove retailer, and only fit whatever products are purchased from that retailer.

Buying your fire or stove from a specialist retailer has the added benefit of having professional advice on-hand so that the product you buy is perfectly suited for your home. One of the most common problems with buying fires and stoves online without any professional advice beforehand is that the product purchased will be either too hot or not hot enough to heat the intended room that it is being installed in.

So ultimately, yes it may cost you a little extra to buy your fire or stove in-store than online, but the benefits from paying that extra cost will save you money overall, and provide you with a much less stressful experience when it comes to fitting the fire or stove into your home. Don’t put yourself at risk with online purchases just because they’re cheaper! Buying your fire from a reputable retailer will give you peace of mind that you and your home are in good hands.